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The people behind BioValue

Together we do a lot of work.
Technology, quality, IT, management, administration, appearance, everything is sorted.

Henno Hogeling

Feedstock procurement manager

Justin Meerdink

Project engineer
Portret Jannie Werkman - Facilities Employee

Jannie Werkman

Facilities employee
    Willem Hamel - Monteur

    Willem Heeres

    Service engineer
    Portret Ronald Weijers - Plant Manager Biogas Leeuwarden

    Ronald Weijers

    Plant manager | Biogas Leeuwarden BV
    Portret Remko Diekstra - Operational Director

    Remko Diekstra

    Operations director
    Portret Nienke Leijenaar - Quality Assurance Employee

    Nienke Leijenaar

    Quality assurance employee

    Clara Steneker

    Finance & administration manager
    Portet Yke Roelevink - Business Developer

    Yke Roelevink

    Business developer
    Portret Pieter Peters - Plant Manager Peters Biogas

    Pieter Peters

    Plant manager | Peters Biogas BV
    Portret Natascha Elsinga - Assistant Schaap Bio Energie

    Natascha Elsing

    Assistant | Schaap Biogas BV
      Portret Karel Knegt - Project Manager

      Karel Knegt

      Portret Freke Hof - Marketing & Communication Officer

      Freke Hof

      Marketing & communication officer
      Portret Jacob Sieperde - Quality Assurance Manager

      Jacob Sieperda

      Quality assurance manager
      Portret Frank De Rooij - Plant Manager Schaap Bio Energie

      Frank de Rooij

      Plant manager | Schaap Biogas BV
      Portret Carin Waterlander - Quality Assurance Employee

      Carin Waterlander

      Quality assurance employee

        Rubin Jonkman

        Financial specialist
        Portret Leon Veldman - Marketing & Communications | IT Specialist

        Leon Veltman

        Marketing & communications | IT specialist
        Portret Ids Schaap - Managing Director

        Ids Schaap

        Managing director

        Willem Hamel

        Plant manager | Peters Biogas BV
        Portret Peter Kroon - Account Manager

        Peter Kroon

        Account manager
        Portret Rimke Postma - Executive Assistant

        Rimke Postma

        Executive assistant

        For me, Schaap Bio Energy/BioValue means freedom in my work, space for my own ideas and great colleagues.

        Frank de Rooij


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