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We fuel
the future

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Jetze’s Biogas Groningen

We fuel
the future

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Convert your organic waste into bio-CNG or bio-LNG

How does BioValue contribute to a cleaner world?

We have several biogas plants in the Netherlands, in which we ferment organic waste to produce biogas. After the biogas is purified, it reaches the same quality as natural gas. Then and only then do we call it green gas.

Peters biogas

There are several greenhouses located around this plant. The CO₂ and residual heat which is released from the green gas production, is send there through pipes. In this way the greenhouses produce in the more sustainable way.

Peters Biogas Luttelgeest

8 million cubic meter green gas – enough for 5.000 households

De power of BioValue

It all started on a single farm. Meanwhile, we have gone on to become experts in building and managing biogas plants.

We combine the latest technologies with common sense.
We are blazing a trail and are pioneers in the industry.
Reliable, continuous supply of gas and purchase of organic waste.
We use only organic waste with fermentation as the best application

Benefit from our many years of knowledge and experience in biogas.

Given our enterprising nature and desire to contribute to a greener world, we can do a lot together. We operate from project sites and our modern headquarters in Sint Nicolaasga.

Project engineer en operationeel directeur overleggen over tekening

“Together you stand stronger. That why I am working together with BioValue since 2017. The company knows the industry. We benefit from that”.

Jan Peters

Peters Biogas

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