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Rebranding: Agradu continues under a new name: BioValue

BioValue logo


Agradu continues under a new name: BioValue.
Agradu is one of the mayor players in the Dutch biogas industry, pioneers with a well known name. Due to the growth of the company now and in the near future, we decided our name Agradu is no longer who we are. Agradu, translated in Dutch is a combination of agricultural and sustainability, this no longer fits the bill. What we do and who we are is currently much more. The brand ‘BioValue’, stands for sustainability and value in the form of energy: We fuel the future.

Identity and website
As of today you can recognize us by the new logo. It contains the name BioValue, with the ‘V’ written in a special way. The green, left side, represents the sustainable and green aspect of green gas production. The purple, right side, stands for the energy and value we produce. These statements and other enhancements can be found our new website.

Multiple companies within one holding
BioValue BV is the official name of the holding under which various biogas plants are located throughout the Netherlands. Furthermore we have a trading company under the name Agradu Biogas BV, this name will change into BioValue Supply BV.

BioValue expects the rapid growth of the company to continue and greengas production will be doubled in 2024. We are proud and excited we’ve accomplished this with all of our stakeholders, funders and partners! 

N.B.BioValue BV is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 81562799. We have no relationship whatsoever with the biodiesel factory Delta BioValue BV in Eemshaven, which went bankrupt on December 14, 2010.