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BioValue to start producing renewable gas in Cothen!

De acht veehouders van Groene Energie Kromme Rijn en Heuvelrug samen met Ids Schaap, eigenaar van BioValue.

BioValue has taken over the partially built biogas plant in Cothen. The name of the company will be: Groengas Cothen BV. By the end of 2023, we will be producing 8 million cubic meters of green gas here, which is enough to heat about 6,800 homes.

8 farmers started the project

Groene Energie Kromme Rijn en Heuvelrug BV is a partnership between 8 livestock farmers from the region. They started the project in Cothen in 2009 to produce green energy by fermenting cattle manure and organic waste products. With this they hope to make their operations more sustainable and, by joining forces, they can achieve significantly higher CO2 reductions.

Managing and building a biogas plant is a task that requires taking many perspectives and technical developments into account. If you don’t focus on this 100%, you quickly fall behind the latest developments. And this is why the farmers decided to hand off the project.

Acquisition by BioValue

The local livestock farmers sought a company with expertise, experience and proven quality in order to forge a partnership. They found this in BioValue. It is not the first time that BioValue has taken over a biogas plant already under construction. For instance, such cases include Schoongas Sint Nicolaasga and Peters Biogas. These are valuable projects for us and contribute to the growth we want to pursue with the company.

Therefore, after several consultations, the decision was made. BioValue and Groene Energie Kromme Rijn en Heuvelrug BV are going to collaborate on the Groengas Cothen project!

About Groengas Cothen

The first production hall is already set up, and now we are continuing to build a ‘third generation biogas plant’. This means that all production processes take place indoors and under strictly controlled conditions. This allows us to even better prevent inconvenience and execute the process in the best possible way.

The plant makes a significant contribution to renewable energy in the region. It will produce 8 million cubic meters of green gas on an annual basis, with which gas can be supplied to over 6,800 homes. Converted to electricity, that’s 73 gigawatt hours. To generate that you would need about 70 acres of solar panels.

Groengas Cothen is expected to be operational by the end of 2023.

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